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Right of Passage

There is a subtle majesty in the calm arrival of this orb into this landscape. Its passage seems assured, orderly and entitled. The pun is intended:  It is simultaneously a rite and a right.

Manifest Destiny

Is this a parade or a contest?  Are these planetary/orbs arriving or leaving?  Is something/one in charge, directing them?  What lies beyond the hills? The calmness and precision of the scene implies that either the orbs coordinate according to precise rules or that a higher power controls the process

You Don't Bring Me Flowers

This painting presents a light-hearted but poignant mystery: Aren’t flowers already in the foreground? Perhaps indeed there is a whole row of flowers on the very calm left hillside. Does this have to do with the thoughtfulness of bringing more posies?

Mojo Meatball

This has a very planetary quality in a still setting with intense light creating dark shadows. The circles are evenly spaced: Is it a parade? A race? Taken from afar, they could resemble meatballs? If so, they have a wizardry that compels us to observe-- does not invite intrusion.

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