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Jeannette’s paintings explore serene calm alternative realities. Alien, but familiar. Often inviting. Sometimes haunting. Always brilliantly colored and sharp-edged.


In late 2016 she undertook a series of paintings that take the viewer one more step beyond.  Each illuminates a second reality incorporated within its primary landscape. 


Often under glowing skies and near brilliant blue waters, these paintings feature structures that are gateways to the other realities, indicated by glowing mists and shifted horizons.  The realities beyond the portals are calm and inviting.  Indeed, there is often a spiritual/mystical quality, reflected in some of their titles, e.g., “Hallowed  Ground” and “Consecrated Grounds”.   “Beyond” is less subtle, pulling the viewer immediately into the doorway’s sparkling waters.  “Springhouse” is the first of the series

Hallowed Ground

The structures in these paintings were inspired by the springhouses Jeannette grew up near in her childhood Tennessee, constructed over fresh springs that sprang up in small granite caves.   “The water was pure and cold,” she recalls.  “The wooden entrance was inviting yet mysterious.  Mint grew in the stream.  The water tasted cold, refreshing and delicious, somehow magical.   I’ve tried to capture my girlish fascination with the waters then in these paintings now.”

Consecrated Ground

Jeannette’s trademark reliance on triangles continues,  continued homage to the Greek Pythagoras--in the neo-Surreal tradition:  triangular water, shadows, structures, mountains.   Her trademark sharp clean edges, often in the blues and golds,  incorporate the colors often dominant in California and the American West.


She aims to create a dozen paintings in this series. 

Port Of Entry

This is the largest in Jeannette's Portal Series all of which feature mysterious houses that cover bubbling springs and open into an alternative reality.  Point of Entry opens into a glowing abstract world.  Viewed closely it depicts odd shapes and flying objects, all strange but somehow comforting.

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