This series of paintings pay homage to Pythagoras, the Greek “lover of wisdom” whose Pythagorean Theorem of 500 BC described triangles, defined the square of the hypotenuse. With a nod to Surrealists who frequently referenced Classical Greece, Jeannette incorporates triangles in her current collection of paintings. 

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Preponderance is, in the Law, a less rigorous standard  than “beyond a shadow of a doubt.”

Perhaps this painting depicts a less rigorous standard of reality?   One which leaves a lingering shadow of a doubt about its  durabillity:  Perhaps the serenity of its foreground is threatened by something in the harsh mountains that lie beyond.

“For the Birds” 

This calm landscape with dream-like muted tones has the mood of a paradise.  The yellow trees are covered with brilliant flowers stippled on individually, creating a texture that shadows in a cross light.

Whereas “for the birds” in common usage indicates something undesirable, this painting is the opposite.  It depicts a sanctuary, a welcome respite from the harshness of everyday reality.  A place where flocks of birds can alight and trill.

“Extenuating Circumstances”

This trio of sturdy towers are permanently ensconsed, united in  one dark triangular shadow they have cast together for eons.  They are rock solid, firm in their placement on a causeway between the seas.  One senses that the mountains behind are somehow in alliance, against a world that seems very far beyond, under a sky that trails playful ribbons of clouds.

“All’s Well that Ends Well”

The cheerful fertile valley nestled in the mountains through which we view it invites us to visit.  Brilliant light creates deep triangular shadows with cool shade.   All’s well that ends well, but where exactly does this scene end?  Is it all immediately below?  Or does it stretch far beyond, atop the second pyramid where a tiny tree is visible?  Or more?   We don’t know where exactly the vista really ends, but we feel wherever, it ends well.

"Summer Solstice”
The three resplendent trees cast two very grand blue triangular shadows.  Again, homage to Pythagoras
"Pythagoras Park”
There is only one small tree but there are marvelous long triangles.  Pythagoras would care much more for the triangles than the shade...

Slow Journey

Point Me In The Right Direction

You Don't Bring Me Flowers

This painting presents a light-hearted but poignant mystery: Aren’t flowers already in the foreground? Perhaps indeed there is a whole row of flowers on the very calm left hillside. Does this have to do with the thoughtfulness of bringing more posies?

Mojo Meatball

This has a very planetary quality in a still setting with intense light creating dark shadows. The circles are evenly spaced: Is it a parade? A race? Taken from afar, they could resemble meatballs? If so, they have a wizardry that compels us to observe-- does not invite intrusion.

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