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Green Is The Color We Crave In The Winter

GREEN is the color we crave in the winter, our senses deprived of the color of Spring, of renewal and rebirth.

Green is the predominant color on our sweet planet. A combination of blue and yellow, it combines the clarity of blue and the optimism of yellow. It elicits the hope of renewal and growth.

Van Gogh liked it so much, he painted this self-portrait with green as the dominant color and his hat and beard resemble grain and grass.

Indeed, there is a balance and harmony in green that soothes the savage beast. Located in the center of the color spectrum, green indicates that water must be nearby--and water is the essence for life. Indeed, Green can make you feel calm and balanced. Although it apparently didn’t have a prolonged good effect on poor Van Gogh.

Green portends of life & growth & the fecundity of the planet.

Indeed, all the modern masters love green

Here Claude Monet breaks out the blue and yellow components that blend to make the green. Masterful. Exquisite.

I’ve been working in my garden (in San Diego) and I’ve had a wintry urge to paint a series of green paintings. Just mixing the color makes me happy. You can see I’ve been leaning toward blue-ish almost aqua greens which soothsayers claim “calm the spirit and soothe emotions.”

”For the Birds” dries against a vine-covered wall near my easel.

But my favorite use of green in any painting may be this witty portrait by Rene Magritte.

“The Son of Man”

Hurray for Green! & Spring is less than a month away.

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